Akumal Street Art Festival

Once a year, over 100 artists come together in the pueblo of Akumal. Their task is to paint murals, offer workshops, performances, and engage with the local community. The artists come from all over Mexico and Latin America, as well as the United States, Europe and as far away as Australia.

The aim of the annual festival is to engage and enhance the community through an international consortium of artists. In only a few years it has resulted beautifying Akumal Pueblo. And has created a treasure trove of wonderful street art and murals. Each with their own unique story.

Akumal Art Walking Tours

You have the opportunity to take a unique guided Art Walking Tour around Akumal pueblo to see the magnificent street art and murals. Hear the personal stories behind the murals, the artists, and the community beneficiaries from the Art Festival.

Guided by local resident Joan Crowe, the tour takes 2 hours. Each year Joan meets all the artists and learns the inside stories about them and the inspiration for the murals they paint. On the tour, you experience the massive murals covering the bridge. As well you also discover hidden gems scattered all throughout the Pueblo of Akumal.

In addition, hear about the renowned street artists who travel here annually to transform Akumal. You’ll get to understand the artwork themes, symbolism, the personal stories, and amusing anecdotes.

Also, you will hear about the outreach programs sponsored by the festival for the community of Akumal. These include many school programs and workshops for youth in the community.

Reserve Now

Tours are available in English and in German and start at 10 am and cost $30 USD per person.  To reserve your place on a unique Art Walking Tour contact us now.  Email info@oceanbreezeakumal.com or via WhatsApp at + 1 250 538 8159 or + 52 984 168 7244.

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