Visitors or those thinking of visiting are often curious about the weather in Akumal. What’s the weather like in November, or in February? What’s the best month to visit? What type of clothing should we bring? And will we need insect repellant? In ‘Weather in Akumal, Mexico: Discover What You Need to Know’ we provide these and many other answers to questions people like you have asked.

In case you aren’t familiar with Akumal, we should explain where it is exactly. Akumal is on the east coast of Mexico, in a region known as the Riviera Maya. The Riviera Maya is a 100 km stretch of coastline from Cancun in the north, to south of Tulum. Akumal conveniently lies in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Between Playa del Carmen and Tulum. The location makes Akumal a great place to stay since it is very centrally located. It is easy to get to Playa Del Carmen or Tulum. Or any of the spectacular white sand beaches, glorious freshwater cenotes, or historic Mayan ruins. And compared to the busy town of Playa Del Carmen, and the rapidly growing Tulum, Akumal is a quiet oasis.

One of the best things about the weather in Akumal and the Riviera Maya, is the warm tropical climate all-year-round. Monthly temperatures in Akumal vary only by a few degrees across the year. The temperature highs range from 27oC to 33oC (82F to 91 F) throughout the year. This is great because it means that if you like it hot Akumal weather is perfect all year round!

Not surprisingly Akumal gets lots of sunshine throughout the year too. Anything from 7 – 11 hours of sunshine per day.

Although Akumal is in the northern hemisphere it’s not too far from the equator. So, there’s not a lot of variation in the sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. The earliest sunrise is in June each year at a little after 6 AM. While the latest is in January at nearly 7:30 AM. The earliest sunset is in November at a little after 6 PM. While the latest sunset is in July at a little after 7:30 PM.

Both the sunrises and sunsets are spectacular all year-round. The picture on the right is the sun rising above the Caribbean ocean and the Mayan jungle as seen from Ocean Breeze Akumal.

As we are in the tropics the weather in Akumal does include some rain. Yet, the majority of rain comes between July and September. These months have 70% of the rainfall during the year. But, even in the wettest period, this rain falls on average only 6 days a month! As in many places in the tropics the rain however often falls for only a very short space of time.

One of the best things about the Akumal weather is how warm the ocean is. On average it is 10F warmer than the sea on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The ocean temperature is between 26 – 29oC (79 – 84 F) all year long. And often in the various coves and bays around Akumal, the water can warm up even more than that.

The weather in Akumal can include tropical storms as in most tropical regions. But, the number of Hurricanes is very, very few. Akumal has only been hit by 2 hurricanes (category 5) in its lifetime. The first was in Sept 1988 (hurricane Gilbert) and the second was in Oct 2005 (Wilma).

The Tropical Storm Behind La Cueva Del Pescador

In October 1995 a rare and erratic tropical cyclone hit the Gulf of Mexico, including Akumal. It dropped heavy rainfall in many areas of Mexico. Some areas reported over 25 inches (640 mm) of precipitation. The heavy rainfall led to flooding, destroyed crops, and damaged homes in parts of the Yucatan Peninsula.

In Akumal, this led to several palm trees being uprooted. At the time, planning for a local Akumal restaurant was underway. Rather than waste this wood, local craftsmen produced the tables, chairs, and other furniture for the restaurant. If you go to La Cueva Del Pescador you’ll see many marine items adorning the walls of the restaurant. Many of these came from the debris of the storm. And the chairs and tables in the restaurant are made from the uprooted palm trees.

The clothing you bring to Akumal is pretty much the same all year round. Lots of t-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Comfortable warm weather clothing. A nice blouse or shirt here and there and a pair of trousers. A very light rain jacket can be useful. Especially if you’re visiting in September which has the wettest weather in Akumal. The good thing about the year-round Akumal weather is that you can travel light. A carryon bag of clothes for the plane will suffice for most people.

While the weather in North America and Europe in January is cold, wet, and snowy, it couldn’t be more different in Akumal.

  • Average Weather in Akumal in January
  • Temperature High 27oC/75F
  • Hours of sunshine 7
  • Rainfall 70 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 7
  • Ocean Temperature 26oC/79F

The image opposite shows the actual Akumal weather for January 2020. No rain days, 1 cloudy day (and even that was 26oC/78F), and 30 out of 31 clear, bright sunny days! What’s not to like about that. It definitely beats the snow, wind, rain, and ice that many parts of North America and Europe experience in January. And what about that ocean temperature at 26oC/79F 😲. That’s why we have cenotes nearby. You lounge in the ocean, and cool off from the heat in a cenote! 

Actual Weather In Akumal, January 2020

As you can see below, February is the same or even better than January, since there is a little less rain.

  • Average Weather in Akumal in February
  • Temperature High 27oC/75F
  • Hours of sunshine 8
  • Rainfall 53 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 6
  • Ocean Temperature 26oC/79F

The fabulous weather from January and February continues in March.

  • Average Weather in Akumal in March
  • Temperature High 28oC/77F
  • Hours of sunshine 9
  • Rainfall 37 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 4
  • Ocean Temperature 26oC/79F

Actual Weather in Akumal, March 2020

The Akumal weather in April is slightly hotter than January through March, with only 3 days of rain on average. April is a great month to visit Akumal since it has some of the best weather. And it has fewer visitors so prices for flights and accommodation are very affordable.

Average Weather in Akumal in April

  • Temperature High 29oC/79F
  • Hours of sunshine 9
  • Rainfall 45 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 3
  • Ocean Temperature 27oC/81F

Actual Weather In Akumal, April 2020

The weather in Akumal in May is starting to heat up with a temperature high of 31oC/88F throughout the month. While the amount of rain increases, interestingly it has the same number of days of rain in May (7) as does January. Although there is 50% more rain. What this illustrates is that although it only rains for a few days in May, the rain can be quite heavy when it does. Typical tropical rain. It rains very hard for 20-30 mins and then clears up again.

Average Weather in Akumal in May

  • Temperature High 31oC/88F
  • Hours of sunshine 10
  • Rainfall 108 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 7
  • Ocean Temperature 28oC/82F

In May 2020 there were actually only 3 days where it was cloudy, with 28 out of 31 days hot and sunny.

In June the Akumal weather is hot and a bit stickier as there is usually more rain than in previous months in the year.

Average Weather in Akumal in June

  • Temperature High 31oC/88F
  • Hours of sunshine 9
  • Rainfall 187 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 12
  • Ocean Temperature 28oC/82F

However, as you can see from the actual weather in Akumal in June 2020, there were only 2 days where it rained. One was a thunderstorm which during the summer months is more common.

Actual Weather In Akumal, June 2020

For some reason, the weather in July in Akumal actually has quite a bit less total rain than in June. And as you can see from the actual weather chart on the right, there was only 1 day in July 2020 that it rained in Akumal.

Average Weather in Akumal in July

  • Temperature High 31oC/88F
  • Hours of sunshine 10
  • Rainfall 130 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 12
  • Ocean Temperature 28oC/82F
  • Weather in Akumal in August

Actual Weather in Akumal, July 2020

If you want heat then August has the hottest weather for Akumal. The height of summer at a consistent 32oC/90F.

Average Weather in Akumal in August

  • Temperature High 32oC/90F
  • Hours of sunshine 10
  • Rainfall 146 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 13
  • Ocean Temperature 29oC/84F

September has the heat, but it also has more rain and is the wettest month of the year. Also, you can get a few days a month with a thunderstorm as well. This is often regarded as the low tourist season. The good thing is that if you like the heat, and don’t mind dodging a rain shower sometimes, it’s a great month for some good deals on flights and accommodation.

Average Weather in Akumal in September

  • Temperature High 31oC/88F
  • Hours of sunshine 9
  • Rainfall 220 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 15
  • Ocean Temperature 29oC/84F

The weather in October in Akumal is better than in September, with the rainfall decreasing. But still, the temperature is hot. While the average rainfall over the years is higher, I’ve been here many times when it has only rained for 1 day in the month. October is a great time to go to Akumal. The weather’s often very good, and its also before the tourist season starts to get into full swing.

Average Weather in Akumal in October

  • Temperature High 30oC/86F
  • Hours of sunshine 7
  • Rainfall 202 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 14
  • Ocean Temperature 29oC/84F

The improving Akumal weather in October continues in November. It’s the official end to the storm season with much less rain now and an average high of 28oC/82F. Just when winter is starting to kick into high gear in Europe and North America. In my opinion, November is a perfect month to visit Akumal. It’s still quieter as the tourist season doesn’t get into high season till next December. And prices for flights and accommodation are very reasonable.

Average Weather in Akumal in November

  • Temperature High 28oC/82F
  • Hours of sunshine 8
  • Rainfall 102 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 8
  • Ocean Temperature 28oC/82F

As you can see from the actual weather in Akumal in November 2019, there wasn’t one day when it rained! There were 5 days of cloud (still with the temperature at 25-27 oC/77-80F) and the rest of the time it was pure sunshine all the way.

Actual Weather in Akumal, November 2019

Now you’re into the high season and the weather in Akumal in December for the festive season is really fabulous. One thing is for certain. You won’t get a white Christmas here!

Average Weather in Akumal in December

  • Temperature High 27oC/81F
  • Hours of sunshine 8
  • Rainfall 92 mm
  • # of Days With Rain 8
  • Ocean Temperature 27oC/81F

The all-year-round tropical climate here makes it hard to pick the best time to visit. There are some differences in the Akumal weather throughout the year. But they aren’t as large as the differences in weather in other parts of the world, such as in North America or Europe. The weather in Akumal doesn’t fluctuate by more than a few degrees across the entire year.

And while there are some months with more rain than others, even that’s not much of a deterrent. Since the rain, when it comes, falls fast and hard. But often for only 20-30 mins at a time. Even in September, the wettest month of the year, there’s a pattern to the rain. Morning and early afternoon are often sunny and warm. Clouds will often roll in around 2-3 pm in the afternoon. It might rain for 20 mins, and the rain could be heavy. But then it’s gone, and the sun is out, the clouds are gone and the late afternoon and evening are warm and lovely.

December to March is the high season. But that’s mostly because of the harsh winter weather in North America. The weather this time of year is great. But it’s also more expensive due to the popularity of the season. Personally, I love April/May and October/November. These 4 months are less busy (although April has been getting steadily more popular). So, there are fewer visitors, and prices for flights and accommodation are less than in the high season too.

However, June, July, and August are also really nice here. The predominant visitors then are from Europe. And while not as busy as in the high season, plenty is going on.

5 Akumal Weather Tips

1. If you like to workout or exercise do it early in the morning and avoid the heat of the daytime. Whether you are running, biking, doing a yoga class, or working out in a gym you’ll have a better workout from dawn to mid-morning. After that its time for water exercise and activities. Either in a pool, the ocean, or a cenote.

2. Mosquitos aren’t much of a nuisance in Akumal, especially if you are by the coast with the gentle ocean breeze. But, if you go into the jungle, or out at night away from the ocean you might need some insect repellant. Mosquitos are more prevalent in the summer months when there is more rain. Also, if you wear light-colored clothes that’s better as the insects are attracted to darker colors.

3. Caught in a monsoon style rainfall in August or September? Don’t worry – find some shelter fast and hang out for 20-30 mins. The rains will pass and you can then head back to the beach.

4. Going to the beach is a common practice here for everyone. But as it can get quite hot think about taking along a small cooler. Most locals do. In it, you can store some cold drinks and/or snacks.

5. With up to an average of 11 hours of sunshine a day, you’ll want to make sure you have applied your sunscreen. And don’t forget to bring it along as you’ll need to reapply it. If you plan on going in the ocean or in a cenote make sure it's biodegradable. Bringing a hat is advisable, and sunglasses are a must.

So you weren’t sure about the weather in Akumal and what to bring, or even what time of year to visit. Now you know. The weather in Akumal is fabulous because of the warm tropical year-round climate. There are a few variations in the weather here, but much, much less than in many other parts of the world. And the few differences are often outweighed by how busy it is, and how affordable flights and accommodation are. So worry less about what the Akumal weather is going to be like, and book your travel now!

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