Easily The Best Mayan Riviera Excursions You'll Have To Do Near Akumal

People come to the Riviera Maya for the powder white sand beaches, the Caribbean ocean, and the warm year-round tropical climate. But this region has many great attractions, and if you need a break from the beach, there are lots of great Mayan Riviera excursions available. Below are the best Mayan Riviera excursions near Akumal and ones you can do on your own.

Best Mayan Riviera Excursions Near Akumal

Below are some of the best Mayan Riviera excursions you can do during your vacation.  Starting with snorkeling in Akumal.

Snorkeling in Akumal - #1 Of All Mayan Riviera Excursions

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best of all the Mayan Riviera excursions is snorkeling in Akumal Bay. Snorkeling in Akumal is the #1 reason why Akumal Beach is so famous. Reviewed by over 13,000 people, it ranks #1 out of 725 outdoor activities in the Riviera Maya on TripAdvisor.

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, also known as the Great Mayan Reef, stretches over 1000 km from northern Yucatan down the Riviera Maya coast into Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. The reef system is home to more than 65 species of stony coral, 350 species of mollusk, and more than 500 species of fish. It also includes sea turtles, rays, manatees, and sharks, contributing to the complex ecosystem.

The reef provides incredible snorkeling and diving experiences.  But it also provides protection for the beaches.  Akumal Beach is one of the more protected beaches, with the barrier reef consisting of 2 reefs.  It's one of the reasons that the snorkeling in Akumal is so good and why this is #1 of all the Mayan Riviera Excursions.  There are dazzling arrays of different types of coral in this underwater wilderness, which provides homes and food to hundreds of fish species, marine turtles, and sharks.  Along the shores, the mangroves provide habitat for fish and shorebirds.  The mangroves also protect coastal areas from damage from intense storms.

It is the best place to swim with turtles anywhere. It's an inexpensive and family-friendly Riviera Maya excursion that costs only $40 USD per person. But it's popular so you need to reserve it in advance. And your reservation only costs $8 per person, with the remainder paid on the day. Don't wait – book it. You won't regret it.

Swim With Turtles - Reserve Now

Visit Some Mayan Ruins During Your Stay

Mexico is a North American nation with many Mayan Ruins and the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. Many of these ruins date back as far as 2600 BC. Thus, there is a rich Maya history. While the ancient Maya cities no longer exist, the Mayan culture still exists today. So, as a break from the powder white sand beaches and the azure-colored ocean, one of the best Riviera Maya excursions you can visit is one of many local Mayan Ruins.

There are many to choose from, including

  • Xelhá Mayan Ruins near Akumal
  • The Mayan Ruins at Tulum
  • Mayan Ruins at Coba
  • Mayan Ruins at Mujil

There are many ways to arrange Mayan Riviera excursions to archeological sites, including booking a large group tour, a private small group tour, or doing it yourself.  For many reasons, booking a private small group tour is the best balance between a tremendous affordable experience, without the hassle of having to figure it all out yourself, and without having to spend hours and hours on a large bus stopping off to pick-up and drop-off tourists at every hotel along the way.

Prices for private Riviera Maya excursions to these archeological sites vary, depending on which site you want to visit and how many are in your group.  For example, full-day Mayan Riviera excursions to Coba include:

  • Private Transportation
  • Entrance Fee
  • Guided Tour
  • Stop for lunch (lunch not included)
  • Afternoon visit to a local cenote to cool off

The price per person can be as little as $70 USD for a group of 9 people.  Contact us for more information or to get a personalized quote.

Adventurous Mayan Riviera Excursions – Swimming With Whale Sharks

Want to experience being next to the largest fish in the ocean? Whale sharks are present along parts of the Riviera Maya coastline from June till mid-September. Growing up to 40 ft in length and weighing up to 11 tons, these are massive creatures, but fortunately, they are gentle giants. It poses no threat to humans and allows us to safely snorkel beside these mammoth creatures.

These Riviera Mayan excursions include transportation, snacks, and the guided whale shark tour.

For more information and the latest prices, please email us at info@oceanbreezeakumal.com or message us on WhatsApp + 1 250 538 8159. If you are here between June and September, this is the most amazing of the Mayan Riviera excursions.

Fishing Charters

Fishing is another of the best Mayan Riviera excursions, and it is first-rate if you are an avid or beginner fisher.  The Riviera Maya offers excellent year-round fishing.  Whether deep-sea fishing, bottom fishing, or fishing and snorkeling combination trips.  The aquamarine waters of the Riviera Maya and plentiful fish make for a spectacular experience.

Along the coastline are many world-class sites for deep-sea, sport, bottom, or shore fishing.  The Riviera Maya is a fishing mecca, in particular for deep-sea fishing. Some plentiful species are Sailfish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, and Mahi Mahi.  This lineup makes the Riviera Maya a highly sought-after and respected sport fishing destination.  Yet, to make it the experience of a lifetime, you need skilled guides, reliable boats, and quality equipment. In our fishing charters, you get it all.

There are options for 4, 6, or 8-hour fishing charters. Prices range from $500 USD for up to 4 people. Reserve your big game fishing charter now.

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Scuba Diving In The Riviera Maya

With hundreds of species of fish, sharks, turtles, and other marine life, and the 2nd largest coral reef in the world, scuba diving in Akumal is a must.  Added to that is the natural beauty of the ocean, excellent visibility, fabulous sandy beaches, and warm water, so there's not much to like for a diver!

Whether you are a novice/beginner diver or an experienced dive master, there is something for everyone here. With our partnership with the most established Dive Center in Akumal we can offer our guests a full range of the best Mayan Riviera excursions underwater.

These include equipment rentals and tanks, instructor-led dives, and certification courses.

Interested in

Or perhaps you are interested in enhancing your certifications and taking the PADI Advanced Open Water course or a specialty course, such as Cavern Diving? If you are a beginner, try a Discovery Dive or take your PADI Open Water Certification in the warm Caribbean water.

And you have the luxury of free transportation from your accommodation at Ocean Breeze Akumal to your dive site.

For more information, please email us at info@oceanbreezeakumal.com or message us on WhatsApp + 1 250 538 8159.

Best Mayan Riviera Excursions To Do Yourself

If you have a vehicle and an adventurous spirit, you can undertake many Riviera Maya excursions yourself.  This allows you to proceed at your own pace and include precisely what you want into your day.  If you're going to do it yourself, these are some of the best Mayan Riviera excursions to consider:

  • All-Inclusive Day Passes – Hotels usually offer all-inclusive day passes.  Usually, they offer you the same benefits for the day as all-inclusive guests, but they come at a price.  Paying $100 USD a day per person or more is the norm
  • Local Beach Clubs – Often, a better alternative to a day pass at an all-inclusive hotel is to go to a local beach club.  For far less than the price of a hotel day pass, you can rent sunbeds, eat, and drink well, all while hanging out at fabulous beach clubs.  For example, explore XpuHa Beach, which has several beach clubs.  It's a far more affordable option.

  •  Nearby Cenotes - A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting when a collapse of limestone bedrock exposes groundwater.  The term originated on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, where the ancient Maya commonly used cenotes for water supplies and occasionally for sacrificial offerings.  In the Yucatan peninsula, there are over 10,000 cenotes.  Many are beautiful places to relax in the refreshing freshwater, and each cenote is different.  A visit to some of the local cenotes is one of the best Mayan Riviera excursions you can do
  • Yalkuito Lagoon – If you are staying at Ocean Breeze Akumal, this is an easy but wonderfully beautiful place to visit.  Only a 10-minute walk away, this small lagoon and inlet is free (if you're a guest of Ocean Breeze Akumal) and is a fabulous place to swim, snorkel, and relax.

  • Adventure/Water Parks – Several adventure and water parks make for excellent Riviera Maya excursions for all the family.  Easy to drive to, they're a great outing, and ones to consider are

For more information email us at info@oceanbreezeakumal.com or send us a message on WhatsApp + 1 250 538 8159

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