Riviera Maya Groceries

When arriving and staying in your vacation rental apartment you have a number of options in the Riviera Maya for buying your groceries.  These include large grocery stores where many locals shop, small shops in the Pueblos, convenience stores, and grocery delivery services.

Riviera Maya Groceries By Delivery

One way to get your groceries in the Riviera Maya is to order them online.  Gessica at Riviera Maya Groceries offers a great service where you can order your groceries and pay online and they will be delivered to your Ocean Breeze Akumal apartment.

This is especially nice if you are arriving late and want a stocked pantry and fridge when you arrive. Order online and Gessica and her staff will deliver your groceries earlier that day. The minimum order is $100 USD and there is a $25 USD delivery charge. You pay by credit card or Paypal. To order you register on Gessica's website, and place your order a couple of days in advance of leaving. Gessica and her staff provide a very good service that can help you enjoy more of your vacation.

Large Grocery Stores

There are large grocery stores located just south of Playa Del Carmen (Soriana, and Chedraui), at Puerto Aventuras (Super Chedraui and Aki), as well as further south in Tulum (Aki, Chedraui).  These stores all provide good quality food and groceries including many non Mexican items as well.

The closest to our apartments are the Aki or Super Chedraui just off highway 307 opposite the turnoff to Puerto Aventuras (on the Pueblo side of the highway).  In our opinion the Super Chedraui provides better selection and quality than the Aki (which is located next to the Chedraui).  As well as a full selection of groceries the Chedraui has small appliances, clothes, kitchen supplies and equipment etc., etc.  It is a 10-15 minutes drive to the Super Chedraui.  As well, if you are visiting Tulum there is a Super Chedraui located just off the highway along the road towards Punta Allen.  

Shops in The Pueblos

Akumal Pueblo is only 5 minutes from Ocean Breeze Akumal, on the opposite side of highway 307 from the beach.  In the small pueblo there are a couple of small stores where you can buy a few groceries including meat.  As well there are several convenience stores and two hardware stores.  The grocery stores here are small, rustic, family affairs.  They offer only a few items.

Puerto Aventuras Pueblo (near the Chedraui) has a couple of specialty shops, including a cheese shop, which is worth visiting if you are into supporting small local enterprises.   

Convenience Stores

You can buy your Riviera Maya groceries from convenience stores, such as OXXO, which are located all across the Riviera Maya.  The closest one to Ocean Breeze Akumal is in the Sirenis Community about a 15 minute walk away (2 minute drive).  However, while these stores are great if you have an urgent need for something they stock, they are more expensive and offer limited selection.

There is also an OXXO store in Akumal Bay, as well as a local grocery store selling a limited selection of fresh fruits and vegetables along with other pantry items.

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