Riviera Maya Apartments - Exclusive Guest Benefits

As a guest of our Riviera Maya apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal, you have access to several benefits exclusive to you. Including

  • free access for our guests to the Tao Beach Club
  • free pick-up for our guests from our Riviera Maya apartments by the Akumal Dive Center. Book a snorkeling or diving tour and receive 5% off your tour as our guest
  • free pick-up from our Riviera Maya apartments and reduced rates for our guests for fishing charters
  • in room, pool deck, or rooftop terrace personal massage and spa services
  • reduced rates for our guests at the Grand Sirenis Gym and Fitness Center
  • free access for our guests for some activities at the Tao Wellness Center
  • reduced rates for our guests for day and evening passes at the Grand Sirenis Resort
  • have your pantry and fridge stocked for your arrival, or groceries delivered during your stay

Tao Beach Club

The Tao Beach Club is only a 5-minute drive from Ocean Breeze Akumal in Jade Bay. If you are looking for the exclusive beach club ambiance, then this is the place to go. And as guests of Ocean Breeze Akumal, you have complimentary access to the facilities.

The Tao Beach Club is located off Highway 307. Google maps can easily direct you there. It’s a great place to hang out for an afternoon and is an extra benefit for staying at the Riviera Maya apartments. It has a full-service bar, a lovely inviting pool, and leads out to the beach and Caribbean ocean, in Jade Bay, Akumal. You can relax poolside on the sunbed loungers, in a hammock in the shade, or overlooking the beach. As well, you can relax at the Jungle Fish restaurant. It serves fabulous Mexican dishes, including the freshest seafood around.

And once you’ve had enough of the beach or pool, you can use the shower facilities, before returning to your Riviera Maya apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal.

Akumal Dive Center – The Dive Center Partner for our Riviera Maya Apartments

In 2019 Scuba Diving Magazine voted the Riviera Maya the #1 place to scuba dive in the world. As well as the ocean, cenotes also attract cave divers who explore the extensive labyrinth of caves. Our Riviera Maya apartments are located in a mecca for scuba divers.

To help you enjoy this wonderful experience guests of Riviera Maya apartments receive free pick-up and drop-off and reduced rates when booking a diving or snorkeling excursion.

The community of Akumal was founded for scuba divers by Pablo Bush Romero, a Mexican businessman, diver, writer, historian, and archaeologist. The Akumal Dive Center is the oldest dive center in Akumal, established in 1975, and is our exclusive dive partner.  Having coordinated over a million dives !

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As a guest of the Riviera Maya apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal, contact us if you would like to book a snorkeling or diving tour. Claim your door to door service AND receive 5% off the prices at the Akumal Dive Center with our special pass.

Fishing Charters Direct From Our Riviera Maya Apartments

The Riviera Maya has a pre-eminent reputation around the world for big game fishing. While there is plenty of big game fish and fish species it is the world’s #1 hotspot for Sailfish. The distinctive topography of the ocean floor makes it a one-off location for big game fishing. Large portions of the coastline sit above a deep underwater valley where the sea bed plunges. In this deep darkness Sailfish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna, Barracuda, Grouper, Red Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, and Mahi Mahi thrive.

To help you enjoy this wonderful experience we have partnered with a highly reputable and experienced fishing charter company. There are several charters to choose from and they include

  • Transportation from Ocean Breeze Akumal
  • All fishing licenses
  • All equipment & bait
  • Deep-Sea Trolling
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Inshore Fishing
  • Beverages and snacks/appetizers
  • Ceviche preparation of your catch
  • Cleaning and filleting of your catch (if desired)
  • A break for a snorkeling excursion (if desired)
  • All-day charters also include lunch
  • Dinner after your charter can also be arranged.

As well as door to door service, guests of our Riviera Maya apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal receive reduced rates. For more information see

Riviera Maya Fishing Charters

Riviera Maya Fishing Stories

Personal Massage and Spa Services

Staying at Ocean Breeze Akumal, Riviera Maya apartments, you can order massage and spa treatments. Choose where to have your massage. We have partnered with highly reputable and certified massage and spa treatment experts. Book a spa treatment or a massage and have them come to you. You have a choice for your treatment in your apartment, at the pool deck, or on the rooftop terrace.

Contact us for more information or to book an incredibly relaxing massage or spa treatment at our Riviera Maya apartments.

Grand Sirenis Gym and Fitness Center – Access for Guests at our Riviera Maya Apartments

Our Riviera Maya apartments are only a 10-15 min walk from the Grand Sirenis Resort. The Resort has a first-rate gym and fitness facility. As a guest of one of the Riviera Maya apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal, you are eligible for reduced rates on gym and fitness passes.

Contact us for prices for this exclusive benefit.

Day or Evening Passes For the Grand Sirenis Resort

Interested in an all-inclusive resort experience, but only for a day or 2? No problem. As guests of our Riviera Maya apartments, Ocean Breeze Akumal can offer you reduced rate day or night time passes for the resort. We are only a 10-15 min walk from the Grand Sirenis Resort. You’ll find it easy and comforting to return to your quiet, and comfy home away from home apartment after a day (or night?) of fun-filled frivolity and boisterous activities.

Contact us in advance to coordinate passes.

Want Groceries Delivered?

Would you like to arrive at your Riviera Maya apartment with your fridge and cupboards already stocked with your favorite groceries? Or would you like a grocery delivery during your stay? We have partnered with Riviera Maya Groceries allowing you to order your favorite items. And have them delivered and stocked before your arrival if desired. Another benefit for our guests.

For more information on any of these benefits exclusive to guests of our Riviera Maya apartments, contact us below.

Email: info@oceanbreezeakumal.com

Tel: + 1 250 538 8159

Whatsapp: + 1 250 538 8159

Or you can request a callback, below, and we’ll contact you to answer your questions.

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