Travel And Work Remotely In Mexico: Great Stories From The Beach

For many of us before Covid19, we never imagined being able to travel and work remotely.  But now the world has changed.  Businesses and organizations of all sizes and types have embraced remote workers.  And being able to work remotely in Mexico is now a reality.

Until 2020, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed were the only people who would travel and work remotely.  But companies now realize the benefits of allowing employees to work remotely.  Now more than a third of American jobs can be done entirely remotely.  Another survey of company leaders showed that 82 percent plan to offer remote work after the pandemic.  And we're seeing evidence as more and more people spend longer away while working remotely in Mexico.

man on sunbed on beach working remotely in Mexico
"A third of American jobs could be done entirely remotely."
Jonathan Dingel
, Brent Neiman, University of Chicago

So Can You Take Advantage of Working Remotely In Mexico?

Two Travel and Remote Working Stories From The Beach

Before Covid19, we'd had people travel and work remotely for anything from a week to many months. So why not travel and work remotely for a few months of the year? As remote workers ourselves, we've set up some of the apartments at Ocean Breeze Akumal to be places where people can comfortably work remotely in Mexico. Here are two brief stories from recent digital workers.

Kat's Story Of Travel and Remote Working

Kat from New York State and her best friend stayed at Ocean Breeze Akumal for several weeks. Kat, a marketing exec, and her friend were starting a new business. So, they decided to travel and work remotely to ensure they lived life fully. Before arriving at Ocean Breeze Akumal, they had already worked remotely in Mexico.

A typical day for Kat would be to get up early, sometimes running or exercising at the nearby gym.  Then Kat would spend the day working remotely in Mexico to the envy of her coworkers and friends.  Sometimes she'd be at the pool deck under the shady cover of a palm tree, or sometimes Kat was on the rooftop terrace.  And sometimes Kat would be inside the apartment with the A/C on low.  She'd take part in Zoom and MS Team calls and meet deadlines, finding she was uber-productive.  Kat found that she was more productive working remotely in Mexico than at home in the US.  She explained that there were fewer distractions from friends, family, neighbors, etc.  And she could have way more fun after work.

For example, Kat and her friend would head to the beach most late afternoons. While on the weekends, they took a scuba diving certification course, visited Mayan Ruins, and relaxed in several local cenotes.

"We had a great long-term stay at Ocean Breeze! The price point is a fantastic value and the neighborhood is quiet and welcoming. We wanted a place that felt like home, was away from the busy tourist neighborhoods, and had all the amenities we could want (including a convenience store within walking distance). We found all of that at Ocean Breeze. The trade-off for peacefulness and seclusion is that you'll need a car to get around, but for us, it was worth it. We loved taking nightly strolls to the nearby beach and through the eco-park." Elizabeth Remote Worker, March 2021

Daniel's Story of Working Remotely In Mexico

After a few months of Covid19 in Canada and working from home, Daniel and his wife Sam decided they wanted to travel and work remotely. Sam had already retired, but Daniel still worked and planned to work for a few more years. But they loved to travel. So they took the opportunity to leave North America and came to the Riviera Maya for three months. They first stayed in an apartment they found on Airbnb. It was OK; they enjoyed the great weather and hanging out at the beach after work. But the place they stayed in wasn't suited to remote working.  Then they heard about Ocean Breeze Akumal and decided to try one of our apartments. It had upgrades designed for those who wanted to work remotely in Mexico. For example, these apartments have special features such as fiber optic cable to the condo for excellent wifi reliability. Also, they have specially installed surge protection. It's hard-wired into each apartment so that all the devices are protected from a power surge. And these apartments have several workspaces to choose from in addition to the outside spaces.

Daniel and Sam enjoyed their stay so much that they decided to stay for an extra month before returning to Canada. And they plan to continue to travel and work remotely for a few months each year.

Why Working Remotely In Mexico Is Popular

Working remotely in Mexico has become popular. For one, it's convenient, with lots of direct flight connections. As well, the time zone works well for those who have to connect with others across North America. And the climate is excellent year-round.

Other reasons why many people travel and work remotely in Mexico include

  • Its less expensive
  • Internet and wifi connections are rapidly improving
  • Mexico is very friendly to foreigners and has amenable visa and immigration policies
  • Working remotely in Mexico is aided by office supply places like Staples, and good courier services
  • If you need help and don't speak Spanish fluently, many people speak English and can assist you
  • Mexico has excellent natural and cultural aspects to explore that make it very interesting for those who travel and work remotely

Working Remotely In Mexico Means Having Excellent, Reliable Wifi

Probably the most critical thing for digital workers is the internet connection. One of the good things about working remotely in Mexico is that reliable and fast internet connections are available. While there are areas of Mexico where wifi connections are poor, in more and more places, the connections are good and improving. For example, the largest provider is Telmex. Telmex offers fiber optic services to homes, residences, and businesses. And they have several inexpensive packages to choose from. For about $25 per month, you can get 200 Mbps service and up to 500 Mbps if needed.

Additional Benefits of Being Able to Travel and Work Remotely

There are many benefits of traveling and working remotely here at Ocean Breeze Akumal.

Fabulous Year-Round Weather

One of the great benefits of working remotely in Mexico, particularly in the Riviera Maya, is the warm tropical year-round climate. Monthly temperatures here vary only by a few degrees across the year. The temperature highs range from 27oC to 32oC (82F to 90 F) throughout the year. It is excellent because it means that if you like it hot, it is perfect all year round! Most days, there's at least 7 hours of sunshine and often as many as 10 or 11 hours. So you can work remotely in Mexico for 7-8 hrs a day and still leave lots of time for hanging out at the beach.

Apartments Designed for People Who Want To Travel And Work Remotely

These specially modified apartments are modern and well-equipped, sleeping up to 6 people.  Each has two bedrooms, perfect for a couple working remotely as the second bedroom can be dedicated to an office area.

All the apartments have washer-dryers, a five-burner gas cooktop, microwave, coffee maker, and a large fridge.  All are two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.  Most of the apartments have two king-size beds.  But we have one apartment with one king-size and two twin beds in the second bedroom.

And a select number of apartments have been upgraded for those who want to travel and work remotely in mind.  For example, these apartments include

  • Fibre optic cable into the apartment for excellent wifi reliability – essential for working remotely in Mexico or anywhere else
  • Specially installed surge protection hard-wired into the apartments.  So that all the devices in the apartment are protected from power surges
  • Several workspaces to choose from
  • Retractable insect screens so you can leave the windows open all day and night and create a lovely gentle airflow through the apartment.  When it is not in use, it retracts, so it does not block light or your view through the windows, and
  • A/C in every room
"My wife and I stayed here for 3 months and we didn't want to leave. It has all the comforts of home as well as being spacious, efficient and functional.  The unit was clean and stocked up with most, if not all of your needs.  The pool and grounds are very well maintained.  Mark is an excellent and attentive host and he handled all questions and comments responsively.  Ocean Breeze is perfectly situated in Akumal between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum with lots of close by amenities just minutes away. The local beach and lagoon/cenote are just a short walk away from the unit and we went to both almost daily.  The Sirenis Resort is located in the same secure gated community and we enjoyed a day pass here and there for a resort experience when we wanted a bit of a change.  The discount on the day passes definitely made it worth while.  We met many other guests there that we still are friends with today.  The atmosphere is relaxing and casual. What a great experience and an excellent value.  I highly recommend Ocean Breeze to anyone looking for a vacation rental in Akumal, Tulum or Playa.  We will be back!"

Paolo from Vancouver Canada worked remotely in Mexico and stayed at Ocean Breeze Akumal.

"Cleanliness 10/10; Staff 10/10; Location 10/10; Facilities 10/10; Comfort 10/10; Value for money 10/10. El lugar es muy comodo y limpio. La anfitriona siempre dispuesta auxiliarnos y hacer la estancia muy agradable" (The place is very comfortable and clean. The host always willing to help us and make the stay very pleasant), Dalia.

The Sirenis Community

When working remotely in Mexico, you want a home in a safe, secure community.   Sirenis offers this and more.  On one side of the community is the Sirenis Resort, and the residential section on our side.  As well as being only a short walk to our local beach, a cafe, and a convenience store.

The apartments are an oasis in the middle of the Riviera Maya.  With all the benefits of a gated community.  Including paved streets that run right to the beach.  And nicely landscaped public areas.  But none of the noisy shows or organized "fun" that goes with big resorts.  Yet, you can if you want a fun day or night at the resort.  Guests of Ocean Breeze Akumal can get reduced resort passes.  The resort is only a 10-15-minute walk away.

Great Amenities

The building is modern and exceptionally well looked after.  All apartments have 2 SMART TVs and either a ground floor patio or private balcony.  The building has a lovely pool and a rooftop terrace with jacuzzi hot tubs.  The view from here is fabulous.  To the east is the Caribbean ocean – great for sunrises.  And to the west, you have great sunsets over the Mayan jungle—an excellent place for a siesta in one of the hammocks.  There is also a bbq in the palapa at the pool for guests to use.  And there are two communal bicycles available for guests as well.  Sirenis is a lovely, very safe community to walk, ride, or jog around.

The local beach, Playa Xaac, is only 400 m away.  There is a convenience store about a 10-15 mins walk from here (or a 3-minute bike ride). And about a 10 min walk away is a beautiful secluded inlet/lagoon, which is great for snorkeling.  All this, and it's quiet.  An excellent combination for those working remotely in Mexico!

Your fabulous pool, Playa Xaac the local beach (only 400 m away!), or relax in a rooftop hammock

Spectacular Beaches

One of the best things about being able to travel and work remotely here is the fabulous beaches. Within a short walk of Ocean Breeze Akumal is Playa Xaac. And within a few minutes, there are many spectacular white-sand beaches to explore. Including Akumal Bay (where you can swim with turtles). Or XpuHa (the locals' favorite) and Chamicos on Soloman Bay (a hidden gem).

Fabulous white sand beaches, all within a few minutes of Ocean Breeze Akumal

Incredible Activities Nearby

And nearby there are many activities you can take advantage of, either after work or on weekends.  These include:

  • Lots of cenotes close by.  Each with its unique character and ambiance.  Great for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, and some for diving
  • Snorkeling with turtles in Akumal Bay.  Less than a 5-minute drive away is Akumal Bay.  An extremely well-protected bay where you are almost guaranteed to be able to swim with turtles.  And the many species of tropical fish
  • There are also several Mayan ruins for you to visit as well.  Tulum and Coba are some of the best nearby.  And if you want a day trip visit Chichen Itza
  • The Riviera Maya is a hot spot for big game fishing.  It's worth taking a fishing charter while you are here.  And you can combine it with a dinner cruise too.
  • The Riviera Maya is a beautiful place for scuba diving.  There are lots of great diving spots along the coast.  And it is one of the best places in the world for cave and cavern diving.  If you're not a diver, you can take a discovery dive course or take your certification here.
  • Wind-surfing, parasailing, kite surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking are all activities that you can take part in during your downtime
  • Or go for quiet strolls along the beach, maybe take in a massage, and have happy hour at a local beach bar.
  • There are many great beach clubs to go to and relax at after work or on the weekend.  And if you want an all-inclusive experience, you can buy a discounted day pass for the local resort.
  • Similarly, there are many great restaurants within a few minutes drive of Ocean Breeze Akumal.  From local Mexican eateries to the best Italian food along the coast.  There's something for everyone.

For those working remotely in Mexico, it's a great location.  A quiet, safe community, great wifi, and access to beaches, restaurants, cenotes, Mayan Ruins, and much more.  You have the best of everything.

Great Mayan ruins to explore, fabulous snorkeling and water sports, great restaurants

Travel and Work Remotely - Discover More

Working remotely in Mexico has never been easier. So, what's stopping you from emulating Kat and her friend. Or Daniel and Sam and being able to travel and work remotely at the same time? Discover more by contacting us now. Contact us to claim one of our specifically designed remote working apartments now. We'll answer your questions and provide any extra information you need.

For more information on working remotely in Mexico, read 15 Effective Ways To Get More Out OF Being A Digital Nomad In Mexico

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"Thank you for everything, you definitely go above and beyond it is very appreciated."
Heather, January 2021

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