You’ve taken the plunge and decided to spend 1- 6 months in the Riviera Maya, rather than the typical 2-week holiday. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard, and now’s the time to enjoy life. So why settle for monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area that aren’t going to meet your needs? Don’t you want an experience of a lifetime? If so, follow these 11 tips about monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya. And find the vacation rental that will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

Why You Might Be Interested in Monthly Rentals in the Playa Del Carmen or Tulum

So, you’ve stayed before at a vacation rental for a week or two. Or at an all-inclusive resort and enjoyed it so much you are looking to stay for longer this time. Monthly rentals in Tulum, Akumal, Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding areas are becoming more popular. And different types of people are searching for them. This includes

  • remote workers,
  • those interested in buying property,
  • snowbirds, and
  • Mexican residents looking to escape their inner-city lifestyle for a while.

Recently Travel Weekly voted the Riviera Maya the Best Destination in Mexico. And over 25 million people visit the Riviera Maya each year. It’s a fabulous place to stay or visit for lots of reasons. Primarily for the year-round weather and the great beaches. But also, for the many other reasons as well. These include:

  • Easy access through Cancun International Airport
  • Fabulous powder white sand beaches and azure water of the Caribbean ocean along 100 km of coastline
  • Great water activities including
  • Cenotes – underground freshwater pools to relax in and explore
  • Many Ancient Mayan Ruins and Archeological Sites
  • Great Restaurants, Bars and Beachclubs
  • Wonderful nature experiences. Including the Sian Kaan Biosphere home to 103 species of mammals, 345 species of birds, and more than 1,400 species of plants.
  • Several Adventure and Theme Parks

As a result, demand for monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area is on the increase. So, it can be challenging to find the right place and often means you have to book several months in advance. Especially if you want to stay in the high season between December and the end of March.

The 11 Qualities of Monthly Rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, you need if you want an experience of a lifetime

Demand for monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and the rest of the Riviera Maya is on the increase. Yet it doesn’t mean that you should settle for something that doesn’t meet your needs. It does, however, mean that you need to plan well in advance. Especially if you are staying over the December to end of March period. And starting your search should first begin with a list of what you are looking for when assessing monthly rentals in Tulum or Playa Del Carmen.

Below are 11 qualities you need to consider in your list. So that you find the monthly rental that best meets your needs.

1. Excellent Safety and Security

Crime in Mexico is like crime in many parts of the world. Often it is higher in cities and towns with larger populations. And crime rates in Mexico are much lower than you may perceive. As you might expect there is more crime in a large city like Cancun than in smaller towns. Likewise while much less than Cancun, crime is higher in Playa Del Carmen than in smaller communities in the rest of the Riviera Maya. So, when finding monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen make sure you find a place in a safe neighbourhood. Or look for monthly rentals in gated communities or small neighbourhoods that are outside of, but within easy reach of Playa.

2. Near Beach Access

As you’re staying for several months, you don’t have to be on the beach. While you can find beachfront monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding area, these are much more expensive. And as you’ll be here for several weeks, staying a few minutes walk or drive to the beach can be much more affordable.

But, you want to make sure that where you stay has access to the beaches. In Mexico, while all beaches are public, the land in front of beaches isn’t. Often resorts and property owners buy the land in front of a beach. And then some restrict access to those staying at their properties. For example, in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun many beaches aren’t accessible to the general public.

So, look for monthly rentals in the Riviera Maya off the beach. But within easy walking or driving distance to public beach entrances. For example, most monthly rentals in Tulum aren’t on the beach but are several blocks away. And there are public beach entrances. Monthly rentals in Akumal, are located around several beaches. Either within easy walking or driving distance. They are accessible free, or for a nominal fee.

3. Convenient Location of Monthly Rentals in the Riviera Maya

The lifestyle you want to live should determine the location of your accommodation. For example, if you want to be in the heart of the hustle and bustle, next to restaurants and bars then monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen will be great. Anywhere within walking distance of 5th Avenue is what you are looking for. Or you could consider monthly rentals in Tulum. These are likely off the main road going through Centro in Tulum. Both areas are a hive of activity morning, noon, and night, especially in Playa. Or if you want to be right on the beach then there are options up and down the coastline. But be prepared to pay more for the beachfront location. These rentals will be less affordable.

Bustling 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen

Or, if you want to be in a central location, but don’t want to be in the heart of the hustle and bustle there are lots of options. Perhaps you'd prefer being close to either Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, but not located in the party zone. For example, monthly rentals in Akumal are popular for this reason. Akumal is 15 mins south of Playa Del Carmen, and 15 mins north of Tulum. It’s known for the sea turtles on the beaches and in the many bays and coves. You can enjoy the quieter environment, with the ocean on the one side and the Mayan jungle on the other. And be conveniently located not only to Playa and Tulum but to all the other activities in the Riviera Maya.

4. Well-Equipped Accommodation Facilities

When looking for monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen, or along the coast, make sure that your accommodation is well-equipped. For example, do you have a washer-dryer or are you within walking distance of a laundrette? Is the kitchen modern? And does it have appropriate appliances, such as a large fridge-freezer? While you won’t often find an oven here, you should make sure you have a good quality cooktop. If possible, a gas cooktop as it’ll be cheaper than electricity for your utility costs. As well, select monthly rentals in the Riviera Maya that have well-equipped kitchens. The last thing you want to do is to buy bowls, whisks, can-openers, salad bowls, serving platters, cutting boards, a quality knife-set, ....

5. Reliable WIFI

While most monthly rentals will have wifi, don’t assume that it’s the same standard you have at home. In some places, the internet connection is poor or available only for parts of the day. Or completely non-existent for long stretches! Definitely ask about it, unless you are looking to completely disconnect!

6. Assessable Parking and Transportation

Renting a car in the Riviera Maya is quite affordable. Having a car gives you the ability to visit the many activities within the region and the flexibility to do so. So, you want to find out which monthly rentals have free and accessible parking. For example, most monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen have limited parking. Those in Tulum will have some street parking. While most monthly rentals in Akumal will have lots of parking access. If you aren’t using a car then you will want to make sure that you have access to other forms of transportation. Taxies are often popular, and collectivos run up and down highway 307 between Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. Ask the monthly rentals in the Riviera Maya you’re interested in, about transportation options.

7. Attractive Building Amenities

Make sure when you review the monthly rentals in Tulum or Playa Del Carmen that you consider the amenities offered in the building. For example, what’s the pool like? Are there other outdoor areas, such as a terrace or deck? Is there a balcony? Are there areas with hammocks for you to relax in. Or jacuzzi hot-tubs to enjoy?

8. Accommodating Your Pets

If you plan to take along your pet then you will find it a little harder to secure monthly rentals in the Rivera Maya. Many rental owners don't allow pets. Some will allow small dogs or cats, but often not large ones. And you should expect to pay a little extra, or at least a pet damage deposit.

9. An Affordable Price

The rates of monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and the surrounding region vary based on the season, and how well furnished they are. As well as the size of the accommodation. Also, they vary based on if they are beachfront or not, and in which area they are in. In general, rates for monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen are higher than in Tulum. Those in Tulum are also more than in Akumal for similar standard accommodation. Monthly rentals in Akumal that are on the ocean side of the highway will be a little higher than those across the highway. But they are usually worth it unless you are on a very restricted budget. Similarly, monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen close to 5th Avenue will be more expensive than those further away.

With your budget in mind, you must assess how the different accommodations meet your list of criteria. With a limited budget, you may find that you have to compromise on some of your criteria. Or you may decide that paying a little more is worth it to get what you want. This can be challenging to do when comparing different properties. That’s why this checklist on “29 Things To Check Before Signing On To A Long-Term Vacation Rental” is very useful. You can use it to rate each property you are looking at and compare the results to find out the best one for you.

Monthly rental rates vary. For example, 2-bedroom apartments, with a pool, and good wifi, in safe neighbourhoods, such as those shown here, are from $1,000 USD to $6,000 USD per month. Specific rental rates vary by month. You can see the range by month here.

10. Reasonable Utility Costs

Besides the monthly rent, utility costs will be an addition to the cost of the monthly rental. Many property rentals will bill you an amount after they receive the utility costs. Some, however, will charge you a flat fee per month which they add on to the monthly rent. This simplifies payment. If your usage is a lot more than the amount charged, you will be billed for the difference.

Utility costs for monthly rentals in the Riviera Maya can vary a lot. Usually, the most expensive item is the amount of electricity used. This is often due to how much you use the air conditioning. Monthly rentals with insect screens allow you to open windows and so reduce your need to use the A/C.

As well, gas is often less expensive. So, finding monthly rentals in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum that have a gas cooktop or range is helpful. And those which use gas to heat the hot water, and run the dryer. All of these will result in less expensive utility costs.  Also, make sure that the property you select has a CO monitor just in case.

11. Consistently Great Reviews

Reviews are important in finding the best monthly rentals in Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. Properties rated highly, consistently, are what you want to focus on. If they have several, consistently great reviews, have most items on your list, and are affordable, then you have a winner!

In Summary – The 11 proven qualities of monthly rentals in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, you need if you want an experience of a lifetime

Now with our 11 proven qualities, you can make sure that you find the monthly rental in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, or the Riviera Maya that you deserve. One where you will have the experience of a lifetime that you planned for. And also you have the free checklist: 29 Things To Check Before Signing On To A Long-Term Vacation Rental. This will be invaluable to help find which is the best monthly rental for you. It has these and other factors you'll want to consider.  And it'll help you decide on which is the best monthly rental for you.

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Use this 29-point checklist to help find your ideal monthly vacation rental.  Rate the properties you are considering and find out which one comes out on top.

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