11 Top Tips To Find The Best Vacation Rentals In Akumal Mexico

You're interested in visiting the Riviera Maya, but how do you find the best vacation rentals in Akumal, Mexico? Where can you find the best prices for Akumal condo rentals, and what are the critical things you should look for in comparing Akumal rentals? Read our top 11 tips before you book anything.

Where Is Akumal, Mexico?

Akumal is located along the 100km coastline in the Riviera Maya, stretching from north of Cancun to south of Tulum on the Caribbean ocean.  A quaint beachside town, Akumal, Mexico, lies between the large and expanding tourist metropolis of Playa Del Carmen to the north and Tulum to the south.

Top Tips For The Best Vacation Rentals In Akumal Mexico

Below are the 11 top tips to help you find the best Akumal condo rentals for you and your trip. So that you can enjoy your Akumal rental and the area rather than dealing with issues and having to change accommodations on your trip.

1) Where To Find The Best Akumal Mexico Vacation Rentals

There are three main ways to find vacation rentals in Akumal. They are to search an online booking site such as Airbnb or VRBO; ask your local travel agent; or search directly online with google, yahoo, or other search engines. But each has pros and cons, as you'll quickly see.

The advantages of using each method to find your Akumal Mexico vacation rentals are the following:

Benefits of using an online booking site such as Airbnb:

  • There are usually lots of listings
  • Good prices and other comparisons between Akumal rentals provided
  • The sites typically offer insurance and other coverages if something goes wrong

Advantages of using your local travel agent to suggest Akumal condo rentals:

  • Your travel agent knows what you like in a vacation, so they can recommend places that suit your needs
  • If your travel agent knows the area and properties well, you can have a high degree of trust that it'll meet your needs

Advantages of searching directly online for Akumal rentals

  • Often the prices will be less (sometimes substantially less) than you'll pay either your travel agent or Airbnb or other online booking systems for the same accommodation
  • You receive personalized service from the proprietor and knowledgeable local staff

Disadvantages of using an online booking site such as Airbnb, VRBO, etc

  • You'll often pay more than booking directly with the proprietor due to the guest fees and taxes charged directly to you and also to your host, who then adds those costs onto the price to re-coop them
  • The level of support provided and direct contact with the local Akumal rentals staff can be problematic depending upon which platform you are using

Disadvantages of using your local travel agent to suggest Akumal condo rentals:

  • You'll pay more than booking directly with the proprietor as they will add on a travel agent commission
  • They likely have very little local knowledge of the area or the different vacation rentals in Akumal Mexico

Disadvantages of searching directly online for Akumal rentals

  • You may have to pay a separate damage deposit or have a hold on your credit card for a while during your stay

2) How To Find The Best Prices For Akumal Mexico Vacation Rentals

To illustrate the potential price differences in how you book, we took the exact property listed on Airbnb and with a travel agent in North America. The accommodation was apartment #101 at Ocean Breeze Akumal. We compared the prices to that when booking directly. You can see the direct website listing and pricing and the Airbnb listing and pricing and make your own comparison.

We chose one week in August to compare the prices you paid for the same Akumal condo rental, and here's what we found.

Booking through Airbnb for one week in August for 4 people: $1,032 USD

Booking with a local travel agent for one week in August for 4 people: $816 USD

Booking directly for one week in August for 4 people: $516 USD

Akumal condo rentals pool
Ocean Breeze Akumal Apartment 101

Why The Large Difference In Prices For The Same Akumal Rentals?

Although the booking was for the same vacation rental in Akumal, Mexico, for the same number of people, and for the same dates, the prices are vastly different. The Airbnb prices include additional service fees and taxes of $255 USD. But as Airbnb also charges the host services fees, the price per night listed on Airbnb is more to compensate for the extra charges the host has to pay.

While the travel agent's price was less than that of the online booking platform, the travel agent's commission still made it significantly more expensive.

3) Ratings, Reviews, And Testimonials

When deciding which vacation rentals in Akumal, Mexico, to book, you will want to read reviews and testimonials for each place under consideration. Generally, review ratings should be very high. It's actually relatively easy to get ratings of 4 out of 5. So you should look at places with a rating of at least 4.5. A good indicator on Airbnb is if the host is a SuperHost. This is usually a reliable indicator of high performance. However, personally, the testimonials are often much more helpful than the numerical rating when assessing Akumal rentals

In reading the testimonials, you want to see a long history of excellent testimonials, noting that there will often be the odd one that is a negative review. You want to see in these testimonials a pattern of good reviews that talk about the areas most important to you.


"We love this place! It is perfect for us. Brian has many firsts here. We enjoy the laguna snorkeling the cenote the pool and the apartment is wonderful thanks 🙏🏼 for letting us stay here! It is paradise! Alejandro is very friendly and cleans super. All great." Anita & Brian, more reviews...


4) Concierge And Local Staff Are Critical

One of the least thought about areas when most people book Akumal condo rentals is the on-the-ground support from local staff at the vacation rental. In some instances, there will be a concierge service and support. This is often much more important than most people realize. If you are in an unfamiliar location or another country, having accessible, responsive concierge support is essential. It often makes the difference between having a good vacation and an excellent one.

A local concierge should be available promptly via phone or online but should also be available onsite. They should be able to respond to any queries about the Akumal condo rentals, the amenities, the services, and the community. Not only should they solve problems, but they should provide local recommendations on things to do and help make your vacation an experience of a lifetime.

5) Safety And Security

Akumal Mexico vacation rentals are, on the whole safe and secure. Akumal is much smaller than Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, and Tulum, which are much larger cities. However, even within Akumal, some areas are safer than others. For example, Akumal rentals in Akumal Pueblo, or outside of a secured community, can be subject to some petty theft. Apartment rentals, villas, and rentals on the beach side in Akumal, Halfmoon Bay, and the Sirenis Community, in particular, are very safe and secure. Security levels have elevated in recent years, so if you are in a secure community, your name needs to be on a list at the security gate. The manager of the Akumal condo rentals you choose is responsible for advising security to allow your entry. If safety and security are essential to you, look for a gated community such as Sirenis, which takes security seriously. Ask what security measures there are before you confirm your booking.

Other safety features within the Akumal condos that you should look for include first aid kits, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and CO detectors.

6) Remote Working Akumal Condo Rentals

During your stay, will you be working remotely? If so, then there are some factors that you'll want to consider. Firstly, internet services in Akumal vary quite a bit still. There are several service providers, but only Telmex provides consistent, reliable fiber optic cable internet service. Secondly, electrical power disruptions still occur periodically. So ask if the Akumal Mexico vacation rentals you're considering have built-in surge protection. While not common, some apartments have this installed onsite and prevent power surges into the apartment. Thus protecting all your electronic devices.

Another factor is the spaces of each of the Akumal rentals available for you to work remotely. Do you need a quiet working space for doing Zoom calls? If so, find out how quiet the places you are considering are.

7) Akumal Mexico Vacation Rentals Amenities

What amenities do the Akumal Mexico vacation rentals you're considering have? Do they have a pool? Is there beach access? Are there plenty of sunbeds or a rooftop terrace to relax in? Are there hammocks? Is there an outdoor eating area, such as a palapa or a bbq area? Are there good walking trails nearby and/or the use of bicycles? Are there spa services and jacuzzis? Are there activities within easy walking distance, such as cenotes, lagoons, snorkeling areas, or gardens?

Rooftop massage, Yalkuito lagoon a short walk from Ocean Breeze Akumal, and hammocks to relax in

8) Location And Insect Screens

One consideration that can be overlooked is where the Akumal rentals are located in relation to the beach and the highway. Highway 307 splits the beachside from the more inland areas. Many Akumal rentals are located away from the beach and across the highway, closer to the dense jungle. So while a long walk or short car ride to the beach, don't forget the insects and the heat.

Akumal Mexico vacation rentals located on the beach side have the advantage of a nice ocean breeze. This not only can be welcome in the heat, but it also dissipates any bugs. Across the highway, the ocean breeze is often more muted, and the denser jungle makes the bugs more prevalent. So a consideration in selecting your Akumal condo rental is whether it has insect screens, as you'll definitely need them if you're across the highway and away from the beach.

9) How Well Equipped Are Your Potential Akumal Condo Rentals

If you're staying in a vacation rental, you want it to be well-equipped. You are most likely planning on preparing a few meals and having breakfast and some lunches there. Or are you going to be less reliant on eating every meal out? So you need to ensure that the Akumal rentals you are considering are well-equipped.

Do they have a good supply of pots and pans? Or a large coffee maker, toaster, microwave, large fridge, kitchen utensils, bowls, graters, bottle openers, can openers, and all the small kitchen items you are used to at home. Also, is there a washer-dryer in the unit, and are there plenty of linens, towels, beach towels, etc.

Also, are there books or other reading materials, games, portable beach chairs, a cooler, and other thoughtful things that will make your vacation more enjoyable?

10) Are There Additional Services And Tours?

Another beneficial factor is if your accommodation provider can offer other services to make your vacation more memorable. These could be services or tours with reliable local providers you can trust. These might include

  • Airport transfers
  • Car or scooter rentals
  • Snorkeling tours
  • Scuba diving tours and certifications
  • Tours of Mayan Ruins (Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Muyil)
  • Spa and massage services
  • Fishing charters
  • Day or evening passes to a local all-inclusive resort

11) Save $ With Weekly And Monthly Akumal Rentals Rates For The Best Prices

An increasing number of vacationers are staying for more extended periods. Many more people with the flexibility to work remotely stay for a month or a few months in their Akumal rentals. If that's something you are considering, ask about monthly rental rates, which can be substantially less than short-term rates. If you're looking to stay for a few months, some places offer long-term rates, which you should consider.

Even if you're only staying for a week or two, many places will also give you a discount for staying for a week or two.

Final Thoughts On The Top Tips To Find The Best Vacation Rentals In Akumal Mexico

Deciding between vacation rentals in Akumal, Mexico, so that you have the best holiday experience is an important decision. With our top tips, you'll be able to find the best Akumal rentals at the best prices, to fit your needs and interests. But what would be your 12th top tip? Contact us and let us know.

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